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        Ratheniska chosen for SIRO broadband

        Ratheniska in Laois has been picked as the pilot point for SIRO’s rural broadband programme, with 17 premises connected to the network.

        Ratheniska is, of course, currently hosting the National Ploughing Championships so, in purely promotional terms, SIRO could not have chosen a better time or place to announce the news.

        The plan is to provide a 100pc fibre-optic broadband network to 50 regional towns nationwide, part of a larger industry move that has seen a number of players emerge amid a race to connect (in high-speed terms) the whole country to the web.

        Of the 17 sites that will be hooked up, 14 are homes, with Ratheniska National School, the Community Hall and Park Ratheniska GAA club completing the set.

        Posted in Cloud Computing, Data Centres, Energy
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