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        DataCentres Ireland 2018 Conference & Exhibition – 20th November (RDS, Dublin)

        “DataCentres Ireland is more relevant than ever with multiple new building projects announced around the country …” Say Hugh Robinson Event Director, “…cumulative investment in Irish datacentres is projected to reach €5.7 billion by the end of this year and continue to grow considerable over the next 5 years.

        Managing Director of Ardmac Roy Millar said “Ireland’s cool climate, low corporation tax and use of key fibre connections make it attractive as a location. It also harbours an excellent construction sector and well educated workforce, providing the capability for clients to locate and operate successfully. Overall, the data centre sector sees continued growth and provides new opportunities.”

        The DataCentres Ireland Conference features over 58 Speakers, Chairs and Panellists across the two days. The ‘Strategy Stream’ will address the issues driving the market locally and internationally as well the opportunities available in the island of Ireland.

        To view the whole DataCentres Ireland programme and to register for free, visit?http://www.datacentres-ireland.com

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