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        DataCentres Ireland, Heralded a Success by all involved

        DataCentres Ireland delivered over 1600 attendees, which is a 10% growth and the largest attendance in the events history. The tone of the show was Quality vs Quantity and is best summed up by one of our exhibitors, Jason Cummins,

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        Preview of the forthcoming DataCentres Ireland 2018 Conference & Exhibition Find out What Makes their Irish Datacentres sector a €5.7 Billion Industry?

        DataCentres Ireland 2018 Explains Why Ireland is the ‘Land of Opportunity’ for DataCentres and Data Hosting DataCentres Ireland, is being held at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) on 20 – 21 November 2018. This free two-day event which brings together

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        Airspeed in €1.5m investment

        Multi gigabit broadband is going to be made available across Ireland as part of a €1.5m investment by fibre and wireless communications player AirSpeed Telecom. As part of the rollout, AirSpeed has struck a deal with forestry organisation Coillte to

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        Intel to launch 800Gbps cables by the end of this year

        Intel has made major moves in the data transfer sector, particularly with regard to cloud computing, and now the chip giant is to release cables capable of transferring data at up to 800Gbps. The new MXC cables will eventually replace

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        SAP lays out cloud strategy post acquisition

        SAP announced a broad set of plans to become a player in cloud computing, spanning from a “loosely coupled suite” of business applications to data integration and PaaS (platform as a service) during the Sapphire conference in Orlando. The conference

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        The White House is Spending Big Money on Big Data

        It’s typical in an election year to see an administration spend money on new initiatives.?A new cost cutting initiative unveiled back in March has generally gone un-noticed by the main stream technology media. Called the “Big Data Research and Development

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        AIB signs five-year data comms deal with Eircom

        AIB has signed a five-year deal with Eircom in which the telecoms provider will upgrade and replace AIB’s data networks and voice systems across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. Over the course of the contract, Eircom will deliver a

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        EMC acquires Israeli start-up XtremIO, reportedly for US$430m

        Data storage giant EMC has announced it has acquired the privately held flash storage start-up XtremIO. While it has not disclosed the financial terms of the deal, reports are circulating that EMC splashed out US$430m to take the Israeli-based company

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